Friday, May 6, 2011

Feather Extensions!

Feather extensions are just about the coolest thing out right now and EVERYONE is getting them! There are a few types of feather extensions.

The first kind is the long slender plume feather. They come in many different colors and also come in striped colors as well.

The second kind is a regular feather. These can be put in by themselves or as a combo with one of the slender plume feathers.
There are also a few different ways you can install them. You can get them glued in, clipped in, or clamped in. To get it glued in, a stylist has a machine that looks like a mini flat iron connected to a box. This melts the glue onto the hair. To get it clamped in, there is a round metal bead that comes in many different colors (brown, blonde, black) and you stick your hair through it and the feathers and clamp them down with pliers. To get a clip in, you can attach the feathers onto fishing wire and then thread the fishing wire through the loops on the clip barrette (sold at many beauty stores including Sally's for $1.99).

A bundle of 3 feathers at my salon cost $24, so I'm assuming the price is about that at other salons as well.
You can kind of see one of my red/black and white polka dotted feathers peeking out. I have two of these but one is hidden :)

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