Thursday, May 5, 2011

OPI Shatter Nail Polish

You probably have seen this or have personally bought one yourself. It is new out on the market and a silver shatter has just come out last week as well! Here are some tips that I have learned about OPI SHATTER.

If you apply a very thick layer of the Shatter, the crackles will look more like this. 

If you apply the Shatter in one thin layer without any polish overlapping each other, it will look more like this photo. 

You can even do a Shatter french tip! I have personally tried the french tip with the Shatter and got many, many compliments on it at the salon where I work! :)

And feel free to post your own shatter pic experiences!


  1. oh la la this is interesting! too bad I bite the crap out of my nails haha

  2. I saw your link on soompi and I just clicked it :D I love these nail polishes. The black and hot pink combo looks super nice!